New Project: NS-Pi

The website is now run on a Raspberry Pi B+, the idea is to intergrate the website with robotic projects.

New Design: Darlig

Darlig is a modular robot designed to be compact and robust. While this is a new design for the site, this robot has been used since the release of the LEGO NXT robotics kits and has proven its reliability over the years.

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New Section: Designs

Creations such as robots and similar projects; this section will include building instructions and sample programs. Students of all ages should be able to understand, replicate, and modify these designs.

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New Report: UV Sensors

This report talks about ultraviolet sensors that are used to detect fires, it explains how they work and the advantages of using them over other sensors. This was a final report for a graduate level class: "Sensor Technology".

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Project Update: NS-NXWii

We now have a page dedicated to the NS-NXWii adapter and its development, this page will show the progress of the sensor as well as research involved in the project. Alpha testing will begin soon.

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New Section: Reports

Reports are technical documents created during the research & development stage of projects; while the titles may seem complex, they should be understood by those that have basic concepts of engineering.

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New Project: NS-NXWii

Our first project, while we are only just in the alpha phase of this project, we like to keep our visitors informed. More info about this sensor will be available in the near future, keep an eye on the development page.

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We're Back!

This time we've redesigned and repurposed to become a research and developement website with the hope of finally being able to sell our own products. Our goal is to become a website of similar magnitude as HiTechnic or Mindsensors while also having our own twist on the development end, You! The user!